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In Memory of
Cricket the Pug


These were the final pictures of Cricket at Ocean Shores.
She had so much fun running around
the beach and chasing the seaguls and pelicans.
Never even imagined she would be gone 5 days later.
I'm glad she was able to have a few days of freedom & happiness.

My little girls were busy checking out the beach birds.
We all had a great time.


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This page is dedicated to Cricket our little pug with a big personality.
She was the inspiration of this website, devoted to animals big
or small that makes us happy.
She brought so much joy and was so funny. We knew when she was in the room, with her heavy breathing and playful behavior. Sometimes she wouldn't play fair with my other dog, Pixie, but at the end they learned to play with each other...well when they were monitored. I never had a dog with so much personality and energy. She did get herself in trouble so many times, but was quickly forgiven. I thought pugs were mellow dogs.
Boy was I wrong. She was the kind of dog that would follow you everywhere, no matter how tired she was. She always wanted to give anyone company.
She was quite the hostess.

Last year, she was diagnose with seizures, but had medicine to control it. The last week of September of this year, she became very ill and the medicine was no longer working. It was the hardest decision to make, but it was time to let go of Cricket.
I know she is no longer in pain and is now in peace.

Our little girl will be missed.

~Teresa Blen


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Cricket's puppy album

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