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This site is all about what's cute: Cute videos, cute games and cutesy photos that make you go "Awww." If you're having a bad day then
we provide the warm and fuzzy feelings to cheer you up.

Updated on a weekly basis.

Whistle Listening Pup
Pup can't make out what the whistling is all about.

Whistling Puppy
This cutie really can!

Christmas Puppies singing Jingle Bells
Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!

Pig adopts puppies
This took place in Greece. A sweet tail :)

Little Kitty, Big Meow
This little kitty is so cute, looks like a little toy, but with a big powerful meow.

Puppy Golden Retrievers
Watch the little ones running around the yard, enjoying the day with the family.

Jilli Dog the Yorkie
The Jillie Dog Yorkie

demonstrates how to play basket ball. Very smart doggy!

Pom, Poms!
Pomeranian Puppy Galore

So many running around the kitchen.

Pugs, Pugs, Pugs
Pugs & Donuts is the name of the clip. You'll understand when you hear the music.

Very funny and cute!!!

French Bulldog Pups
The cutest French Bulldog puppies I've ever seen!

They look like little toys. Your heart will melt when you see this clip.

2 Beagles & a Cute Mutt
2 puppy Beagles playing around

while a husky/lab mix just watches on. Very cute clip.

Maltese Puppies
Maltese Pups traveling to Yellowstone Park

Watch these puppies travel in a car and viewing all the critters that Yellowstone park has to offer.

Happy New Year! Let's start off 2008 with
Cute Kittens!!!!!

The music background is cute too!!!

Merry Christmas! :
My little ones

Pixie and Cricket on Christmas day!

July 29-August5
Playing Kittens
Here's a video showing 2 kittens paw wrestling. Very cute!

July 22-29
Funny Dogs
Very Cute and Hilarious!

June 17-24
Kissing Puppies
View this cute puppies sharing their expression of love. Awww.

May 6-May 13
Hungry Kittens
These adorable 2 mo. old Persian kittens just learned to eat on their own, but still bothering their mommy for milk.

Movie Trailer Preview for Underdog!
Showcasing a new breed of a superhero. There's no need to fear Underdog is here! Disney's new live-action version of the classic "Underdog" cartoon.

February 25-March 4
Puggle Buddies
Featuring Moxley and Muggles. After the owners got these 2 cuties, Moxley was stricken w/Parvo, a deadly disease, but Moxley eventually recovers!

February 25-March 4
Scottish Fold Kitty
Here's a video of one of the unique cute breeds of cats. This sweet kitty is so adorable.

January 27-Feb 3
Kittens In A Box
Heres a cute clip of these kittens playing around and in the box. Amazingly they can fit in!

Jan 16-Jan 22
2 Yellow Labrador Puppies

Here's a feature of two 1month old yellow lab puppies playing around at home.

Jan 7-Jan 14
Lots and Lots of Baby Pandas!

A Panda-baby boom last year has pushed up the number of pandas bred in captivity in China to 217. Now that's a lot of Pandas!

Jan 3-Jan 7

This video shows the volunteers at the SAVE-A-Pet foundation helping animals that were abandon, surviors of Hurricane Katrina or pet's that lost their owners and finding them homes.
A very heart warming video.

Dec 18-Dec 27
The Beagle Bunch.

9 puppies and 3 adult Beagles running around the house. A very big happy family!

Dec 18-Dec 27
Here's a slide show of all the puppies during the Christmas holidays.

Yes I want a puppy for Christmas too!! I don't know who's singing this song, but it's a catchy tune.

Dec 11-Dec 18
Pug singing or barking along the dog christmas song

As one of the pug sleeps the other can't help but bark along this cheesy christmas classic.

Dec 11-Dec 18
Cats playing Around The Christmas Tree

These cats are having fun with the christmas tree ornaments. It's all fun and games til something breaks! Ooops!!

Dec 5-Dec 11
Various Funny Kittys

In this feature it shows various videos of funny cats being, well.....cats.
These cats have some personality.


Novemeber 27-Dec 3
Here's a clip of a Dog Wash Meetup. A video from the Dog Wash Pittsburgh Pug Meetup at Dirty Hairy's in Pittsburgh. Many pugs to wash! Very cute.

Novemeber 20-26
Raising Orphaned Kittens.
This clip showcases numerous orphaned kittens that was raised by the filmmaker in Stephenville, Texas, for the Erath County Humane Society.

November 13-19
A pet squirrel.
I would never think that a squirrel can be trained to be a pet. It's very playful like a puppy and doesn't mind playing with this person. A very cute critter.

November 6-12
This is a very interesting and funny video. I was told that it has been sent around, but this is my first time viewing it. It's about fainting goats. That's right, they faint when their scared, excited or happy.

Oct. 30-Nov.11
Cute Puppies-Guaranteed to Bring A Smile!

Very cute puppies playing around and watching them growing up. Lot's of puppy kisses! The person video taping this did a great job capturing the mood and atmosphere of these cuties! Also great choice of song to go with this clip. Feel free to sing along.

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